On-Premise Drying Tumblers

Continental Girbau Pro-Series II Dryers
20/30, 165/175, 195-205-pound capacity
30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stacks

Pro-Series II Dryers offer highly programmable controls, self-cleaning lint compartments and moisture sensing for a perfect dry. Single-pocket models are equipped with ISS Fire Sensing and Extinguishing. Backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare warranty.

E-Series Dryer
25-pound capacity

Engineered to partner with the E-Series 20-pound capacity washer, the E-Series Dryer offers highly efficient frying for small-capacity loads. Featuring a sleek stainless finish, E-Series Dryers are backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare warranty.

Econ-O-Dry Dryers
Single-load or Stacked double-load capacity

Exon-O-Dry Dryers come in space-saving stacked models and pair perfectly with Econ-O Wash top-load washers. Backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare warranty.

LG Platinum Dryer

Providing excellent performance with fewer wrinkles, LG Platinum Dryers are in place at spas, salons, restaurants, vet clinics and B & B's. Constructed for on-premise durability, ease of use and quiet operation, they also provide an efficient small-load solution at larger on-premise and commercial laundries. Using the dryer control, it's simple to adjust cycle time, drying temperatures, cool-down time and top-offs. LG Dryers promise more productivity per square foot thanks to a small footprint and large 7.3 cu. ft. drum. Easy to operate, LG Platinum Dryers offer AdaptAble™ Controls for installation flexibility.

LG Titan Pro Dryer

This 35-pound capacity dryer offers all the bells and whistles of its smaller Platinum version, plus additional basket capacity. LG Dryers are efficient, programmable and simple to operate. They offer AdaptAble™ Controls for installation flexibility. They are backed by a leading factory warranty.

Turnout Gear Dryers

Continental ExpressDry Gear Dryers

4 to 6 sets of gear

ExpressDry Gear Dryers are NFPA compliant and engineered to safely dry personal protective equipment. They work by blowing high-pressure ambient air safely through turnout gear, facemasks, gloves and boots. They don't harm protective fabrics and return gear to service sooner.

ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer

With additional features for quickly drying special ops equipment and gear, this dryer features four invertible stickment drying stations and 12 utility drying ports. The dryer safely dries protective gear and equipment used in swift water, fire, ice and dive rescues. An optional boot tree will dry up to four pairs of boots in just an hour.