Continental Express Heated-Roll Ironer
13- or 20-inch diameter rolls

Perfect for on-premise and commercial laundry ironing in less time, Express Ironers are durably built and backed by a 7/5/3 ContinentalCare warranty. The 20-inch Express Ironer offers and optional integrated folding system that automatically folds items as they exit the ironer. Express Heated-Roll Ironers offer no-wax finishing for significantly simplified maintenance and an unrivaled finish.

Continental PC-80 Heated-Chest Ironer
32-inch diameter roll and 118-, 130-, or 138-inch finishing widths

Engineered to improve productivity at mid- to high-volume laundries, the PC-80 reaches ironing speeds of 147 ft./min., boasts up to 93 percent efficiency, and offers 100 custom programs. The touch-screen Inteli Control provides complete control over all ironing parameters, including bed temperature, ironing speed, pneumatic Pressure Control, and AutoSpeed®. In gas models, it also controls thermal fluid and boiler exhaust temperatures. Constructed for constant use, it is engineered to resist mechanical stresses and thermal expansion. The PC-80 Flatwork Ironer features a rigid chest, mirror-polished surface and large-flow channels for even heat distribution and flawless ironing results. Highly flexible and boasting remote G-Flex diagnostics, the PC-80 Flatwork Ironer perfectly irons items straight from the washer — eliminating dryer conditioning. PC-80 Ironers, in gas, steam and thermal oil, are backed by a 7/5/3 ContinentalCare warranty.

Continental Compact 5-in-One Ironer
24- or 32-inch diameter roll and 118-, 130-, or 138-inch finishing widths
one, two, or four lanes

Engineered to boost productivity at medium- and high-volume laundries where space is tight, the Compact 5-in-One features a touch-screen control with 20 pre-set and 20 customizable programs — offering control over multiple ironing parameters. It automatically and quicly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates. It does all this from a small footprint at processing speeds reaching 50 feet-per-minute. Configurable for one, two, or four working lanes, with one lane for sheets, two lanes for table linens and four lanes for small items, the Compact 5-in-One also provides standard, four-lane accumulator options and single- or two-lane cross-folds. It is available in natural gas or liquid propane (LP) heat and is backed by a 7/5/3 ContinentalCare warranty.