Managed Laundry

Integrity Laundry Solutions offers custom-tailored revenue sharing, rental and laundry management programs to fit the needs of multi-housing and central laundry owner/operators. If you own and operate laundry equipment, outsourcing is a great way to offer residents top-quality laundry equipment while freeing yourself from day-to-day management responsibilities. Integrity Laundry Management Company will provide regular, accountable collections and share the revenue with you — so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your busy schedule. Ask us about it today!

Benefits of Outsourcing with Integrity:
  • Conserve Cash: No capital outlay for laundry equipment purchases
  • Maintain a Competitive Property: Integrity installs state-of-the-art laundry equipment to attract and retain residents. We maintain that equipment so your laundry is viewed as a valued amenity.
  • Refocus Staff: Integrity partners with you to take care of all laundry room responsibilities so your staff can focus on other duties.
  • Flexible Commission Options: Integrity offers a wide array of revenue-sharing programs. Together we will customize a plan that works best for you and maximizes your income.
  • Rental Programs: You make your own collections and we’ll do the rest. Integrity Laundry Solutions offers a Rental Program to meet your needs.
“Everything about this system is positive. The smell is wonderful and the linens come out whiter and brighter than ever before. No more wasting time on pre-treating or soaking. Integrity made the installation and transition effortless. We never had to stop our day to day operations.”
Merrill Bahm, Laundry Attendant